5 Gay Text Messages To Use With Your Crush 

Happy gay man sending gay text messages on his smartphone

Nowadays, good texting is one of the best skills to have. Yes, we use phones and laptops so often throughout the day. But that doesn’t mean our standards should slip, especially when it comes to gay text messages. Here are my top five ways to make sure your gay texts stand out.

Gay Text Messages: 5 of the Best

In the age of emojis, phone calls have come to be viewed as something at best special, and at worst invasive. Texting is our era’s lingua franca. Though texts have made contact much easier, it’s also opened up massive space for miscommunication. And this rings true for gay text messages. Here are some handy suggestions to help you get to the point whilst building a bond with your dates. 

“I know you’ve had a busy day, so I’m grabbing dinner for us.”

The most successful gay relationships I have witnessed over the years involve couples who claim they know what their partner’s thinking. In the beginning, it’s worth flexing those muscles to keep things going in a positive direction. Who will say no to free food after a rather taxing workday? 

Gay text messages like this will almost always win someone over. You’ll be the guy that your date tells his friends about. What’s a more endearing tale than bringing him his favorite Thai food when he knew you hadn’t stopped moving all day. 

“I really enjoyed our first date. Can we get together this weekend for dinner/drinks? I’m free after 5 pm on both days.”

Who thinks a man with a plan is anything other than attractive? One of my number one pet peeves is the colloquial, “let me know when you are free.” People do this because they no longer wish to claim responsibility for “not being a communicative person.” 

People can feel things out and should proceed with whatever tactic of scheduling things. Regardless, you shouldn’t be reminding someone to get back to you if going on another date seems important to them. If you’ve felt you’ve been communicative and are playing conversational volleyball by yourself or not at the pace you prefer, then it’s best to move on. 

When I was more actively single, one of the worst gay text messages I would receive was something along the lines of, “maybe we can possibly grab a drink on the weekend if my work schedule allows.” Just so there isn’t any ambiguity, be a little bit more forward. If you are on the receiving end of this, offer a concrete solution as opposed to saying anything vague.

“I listened to the album/read the book/tried the recipe you recommended, and I really enjoyed it!”

The power of listening to your potential partner is a stellar way to win someone over. If you surprise him when he didn’t realize that you took a recommendation seriously, you’ll be getting major points. 

Something I always did before a first date was creating a handful of conversational points after checking out someone’s online dating profile. If I saw he enjoyed the same TV show as me, I made a clear point to bring it up in conversation. I would then offer for us to see it together on a future date, but only if a second date seemed promising. 

“You mentioned that you enjoy doing (insert hobby/interest). Can you teach me a bit more about it this weekend?”

A gay text message like this is a good ace to put in your pocket for a second date. I found that I learned a lot about my dates when we were in a teaching environment. Teaching someone requires a significant amount of intelligence, patience, and skill.

I understand that everyone doesn’t have the gift of teaching, but everyone should be able to roll with the punches and smile if things don’t work out in your favor. As long as you are having fun together, that’s what matters the most. 

“Thanks for the great evening, I really appreciate the time you took out for me. I can’t wait to see you again.”

After you’ve gotten through the second or third date, it’s now time to get as many brownie points as possible. Over the years working in the matchmaking industry, I found that most relationships fail if they teeter in the grey area. 

If you aren’t sure where you stand with someone after two or three dates, it’s best to cut things off. If someone is ready to fall in love, saying things like this will come off as very sincere and heartfelt. Sending cute gay text messages full of positive affirmations and gratitude will ensure you’re in a winning category.

You’ve probably seen this in other gay dating tips, but the art of communication is something to take note of. Yes, you can communicate too much especially at the beginning of a budding relationship. My suggestion is to leave a little mystery and yearning. That said, don’t leave him in the dark to figure things out on his own. If you do this, this person will usher themselves out and leave you in the shadows. 

It doesn’t take much to send someone a few simple gay text messages to keep the momentum from screeching to a halt. Taking an authentic interest and showing your true colors is the way to go, and to land a man in the process!

About the author: Mason R. Glenn

Mason R. Glenn has had a long career in the matchmaking industry and has spent his time helping high-caliber clientele in Los Angeles select eligible matches. Currently, Mason is an acclaimed published author and is in the process of strengthening his career in content and brand strategy. His latest book, "Getting Ahead of the Gayme: Man First, Gay Second," can be purchased through Amazon, iBooks, or Google Play, and is available at select major book retailers in the U.S.

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