3 Long-Distance Valentine’s Day Tips to Try This February

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Various lockdown regulations mean that this February 14th will look a little different than most. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a romance-free zone! These long-distance Valentine’s Day tips from our latest EliteSingles survey will make this year a Valentine’s to remember.

Be My Valentine

First things first: do people actually like Valentine’s Day? According to our latest survey of 800 singles, the answer is an emphatic yes! 93% of people say they enjoy doing something special on Feb 14th. Just 7% actively try and avoid it.

This goes for those in couples, those newly dating and – perhaps surprisingly – for singles too. In fact, the survey revealed that 27% of people who like celebrating Valentine’s Day always do so, whether they are dating someone or not.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2021

Even in a year like 2021, when so many can’t meet in person, the celebrations look set to continue. 65% of people would like to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021, even if they and their date have to do so from a distance.

So, what should hopeful romantics keep in mind this Feb 14th? EliteSingles has rounded up some of the best long-distance Valentine’s Day tips to help make the day run smoothly even though meeting in person might be a challenge.

3 long-distance Valentine’s Day tips for your socially-distanced celebrations

  1. Low-key romance is king

According to the survey, 88% of people are happy calling themselves romantics. In other words, the majority of people enjoy celebrating all things love.

However, that doesn’t mean that a long-distance Valentine’s Day celebration has to be wall-to-wall roses and string quartets. In fact, the survey showed that when it comes to romance, smaller is better. 80% of people say their ideal Valentine’s celebration would be small and intimate, while just 20% want something elaborate.

Our tip? Try making your Valentine’s video chat a candle-lit one, creating an air of low-key romance and dialing up the (socially-distanced) intimacy.

  1. The top Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Between online shopping and same-day delivery, it’s easier than ever to come up with long-distance Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Yes, even if you’re not seeing your date in person on the 14th. But what should you get to really impress them?

Our survey showed that classic gift options remain popular this Valentine’s Day. 23% of respondents would most want to receive flowers as a Valentine’s treat, 11% would like to be sent a romantic playlist or mixtape, 10% want wine, and 6% chocolate.

However, the most-wanted Valentine’s Day gift of all takes a little more creativity (and vulnerability!) to pull off. 37% of respondents – more than one in three – say that their ideal gift is a heartfelt love letter.

Our tip? Take some inspiration from our love letter writing tips, then write openly about how your date makes you feel.

  1. The best distanced date ideas

Of course, the gifts are only one part of a successful long-distance Valentine’s Day. To make it a true occasion you also have to plan out a date night. While this may be trickier when you’re long-distance or socially distanced, it is possible to make it work. You just need a great distanced date idea,.

According to 22% of people, the best distanced date idea to try this Valentine’s Day is cooking a gourmet meal together from your separate homes. This is followed by watching the same movie together online (19%), getting the same food delivered (14%), taking an online class together (12%) and attending a virtual tour or gig together (7%).

Our tip? Whichever virtual date idea you choose, put your own spin on it to make it feel special. Turn your romantic meal into a picnic by sitting on blankets while you eat. Do a virtual tour of an attraction in each of your neighborhoods (followed by a ‘walk’ on Google Earth to show each other the local sites). Accompany your movie night suggestion with a care package of themed snacks. It’s the creative little details that help the romance thrive, even from afar.

However you choose to celebrate, remember to enjoy yourself this February 14th. It might not be like any other Valentine’s Day you’ve had, but with the right plan in place, it can be one to remember. Happy Valentines to you all.

All statistics based on an EliteSingles survey of 800 people from the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia, January 2021. All results are anonymous and cannot be traced back to any individual person.

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