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How to meet women, online and in real life

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Few conundrums can claim to have such a perplexing pedigree as trying to figure out how to meet women. For millennia, droves of men have tried to tackle the same perennial question, and indeed with varying results. Seeing as we’re getting well settled into the 21st century, we thought it about time to revisit this enduring enigma, and help you shed some light on how to meet women, both over the internet and IRL.

How to meet women 101

In bars and clubs across the land, at mid-week pickup basketball games, and during water cooler chats, someone will inevitably air some sort of woe connected to how and where to meet women. Yes, it’s an issue that guys far and wide often sit down to attempt solving together. It’s also something that can split opinion quite vehemently.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely arrived at the conclusion that bars and nightspots aren’t necessarily your best bet when it comes to meeting single women. Yes, you may have fond memories of your college days galivanting around campus like some (love)drunk Casanova, but that’s a bygone era. We’re not saying that you’ll never meet women on a night out, it’s just that they’re probably not interested in being a) picked up, or b) a long-term relationship.

We could indeed plug the perks of getting a hobby as a means to meet interesting, powerful women, or preach the benefits of an office fling, but let’s be frank; neither have a particularly high success rate. Instead, we want to tell you about the benefits of meeting women online, and then explain how you can translate that into real life dates. Ready to find out how? Let’s get to it…

Meet women online

Unless you’ve somehow managed to avoid advances in modern technology over the last 20 years, then it’ll come as no surprise to hear that more and more singles are logging on to the internet in a bid to find love. That’s right, since the turn of the millennium, millions of single men and women have been browsing the web for that special someone. And seeing that you’re here, online dating is probably something you’re interested in.

That said, figuring out how to meet women online can be a bit confusing, especially if you’re new to the game. But because we want you to have every success, we’ve gone back to basics, pooled our thoughts, and come up with an essential list of tips that’ll help you meet the woman of your dreams on the web.

Picking the right dating site

The first challenge you’ll encounter is choosing the right dating site to fit your needs. Trying to figure out which site will better suit your priorities can be exhausting, especially given the sheer multitude of dating sites out there. However, it pays to do a bit of research at this stage; are you looking for a casual relationship, or a do you want to start something more meaningful?

If you’re pondering how to get a girlfriend for the long term, it pays to invest in a dating site with a bit of class. Of course, we’re biased, but EliteSingles offers its members just that. Our bespoke dating platform can be tailored to suit your needs. Our users are highly-educated and share a common pursuit; finding long-term love. Selecting a site that’s got a proven success rate in matching likeminded singles is a sure-fire way to meet women online.

Setting up a dating profile

Once you’ve chosen a dating site that aligns with your goals, it’s time to put in a bit of legwork. This might sound off-putting, but remember, nothing worthwhile comes without a little graft. And the same applies to meeting women online. You could argue that it’s easier to just flick away at your smartphone, but the likelihood of something serious arising out of that is pretty slim.

Putting together a tip-top dating profile takes time, but if it’s done properly, your chances of getting to meet women who you’ll click with are much higher. Fortunately, EliteSingles is on hand to offer you a myriad of tips, from in-depth advice on how to write a dating profile, to the sorts of photos you should include to help you stand out.

Sending the first message

Dating profile in order, it’s time to tackle that first message. Once you’ve started to meet women online via a site like EliteSingles, you’ll start having conversations via our messaging system. If you’re new to this, or want a bit of a refresher, we’ve got some useful insights into how to pen a perfect first message. Just remember to be a gentleman and always be honest about your intentions.

Messaging is also a good gauge as to whether she likes you. The most important rule here is to play it cool. What does that mean? Don’t write enormous tomes professing love. Don’t send endless strings of messages when she doesn’t reply within an hour. Take your time and let things flow naturally. There’s nothing less attractive than trying too hard.

Meeting women, IRL

So you’ve met an amazing woman online and you’ve been messaging on the regular. Things are going swimmingly, you’re clearly hitting it off and there’s an obvious chemistry. The time has come to meet up, face-to-face. Now, you wouldn’t be human if this didn’t give you a dose of the butterflies. Try to focus on preparing for your first date; things like where you want to go, what you’re going to wear, and what time of day should come to the fore.

Once you’re in each other’s company, try not to worry about awkward silences. If you want to get the conversation flowing, try using a few questions to find out what your date’s interested in. Nothing settles first date nerves better than a good natter, so get chatting! Thinking about your body language can be very useful too. All that’s left to do is to enjoy the moment and make it a date to remember!

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